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DEWALT 12-in 96-Tooth Segmented Carbide Circular Saw Blade DW7296PT

DEWALT 12-in 96-Tooth Segmented Carbide Circular Saw Blade DW7296PT

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The DEWALT Precision Trim 12-inch 96-tooth miter circular saw blade is suitable for a wide range of materials, including laminate, hardwood, softwood, plywood, glass, plastic, and non-ferrous metals. As such, it is a handy tool for construction-related projects involving cabinetry (maple, oak, walnut, etc.), furniture making, joinery, sheet roofing, gutters, pipes, cables, cladding panels, wall linings, shutters, and more. The blade features premium micro-grain carbide that creates ultra-sharp cutting edges that slice through tough materials with ease. This also reduces splintering and breakage. The tough coat finish, apart from preventing rust, reduces friction and gum-up. Shop this miter saw blade from DEWALT to cut non-ferrous metals and other materials today.
  • The Precision Trim 12-inch miter saw blade boasts: Precision balanced, laser-cut body provides extremely accurate cuts

  • Exclusive dampening slots reduce vibration to enhance cutting accuracy

  • Tough coat finish reduces heat friction and gum to promote blade life

  • Manufactured by DEWALT

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